Features that make data easy

Minerva Platform

Create as many Databoxes as you want and pay only for the mentions you consume


Access realtime and historical mentions.

Create a query to our databases to gather realtime or historical mentions. You can use this feature to make an elaborate historical study with more than a year of data, or to be informed at near real time about relevant mentions.

Realtime and historical mentions

Override, edit or delete specific mentions.

When analyzing data it's always important to have full control of your results. A Databox allows you to delete, edit or add missing results.

Edit your mentions

Categorize your data using tags.

Imagine having 100 results from your brand, and you need to know how many of those 100 mentions belong to a specific product. Categories allows you to put mentions inside "buckets" so that you can separate them from the rest and generate specific metrics.

Categorize your data

Apply algorithm enrichments with proprietary or third party providers.

Machine learning helps us automate processes that otherwise would be impossible to do manually. Consider how much time it would take a person to classify thousands of mentions into sentiment categories, translate 50,000 articles, detect company logos in images, or transcribe hours after hours of speech to text. With our algorithm connectors you can make all this possible.

Apply algorithm enrichments

Get notified about important activity.

Get notified when new mentions arrive to your Databox. Stay up to date and react immediatly, using our slack, desktop or email connectors. We also provide summary reports delivered once a day, so that you can check important activity first thing in the morning.

Create alerts

Create beautiful reports using our template library.

We provide ready-made templates that help you easily generate compelling visuals about your mentions. Reports are great to share metrics with your team, or to start finding patterns inside your data. Our templates are created for your most common use cases, so that you can quickly report on your brand, competitors or industry.

Create mention reports