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Mentions Only

$199 / Mo

$99 / Mo

Individual users or businesses who are mainly interested in searching or being up-to-date with real time mentions.

  • 5,000 Free Mentions

    * More mentions can be purchased inside the platform

  • 2 Users
  • Unlimited Databoxes
  • Process data with Algorithms

    * Algorithm credits can be purchased inside the platform

  • Email Alerts
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Minerva Connect

$799 / Mo

$399 / Mo

Businesses looking to report and analyze their data. This plan allows you to connect to third party business intelligence tools.

  • All Minerva Alerts Features
  • 20,000 Free Mentions

    * More mentions can be purchased inside the platform

  • 5 Users
  • Email Summary Reports
  • Slack Notifications
  • Slack Summary Reports
  • Google Data Studio Connector
  • Data Tagging
  • Support
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A Databox is where everything happens in Minerva. It's the place where all the data generated from your search (query) is stored and edited. For each Databox, you define your query, the data source, the country and other special features such as enrichments and connectors.

Pricing FAQ

What does Minerva do?

Minerva allows you to search news and social media from your country. This means that using a specific keyword, you will be able to gather historical or real-time mentions from our databases. Once your results are loaded, you will be able to connect your data and be notified when new activity happens, or generate amazing reports using third party business intelligence tools.

How do I buy a Plan?

To buy a Plan, you will first need to create an Account in Minerva. Once inside the platform, you will find a tab called "Products", and then the option "Plans" where you can choose the Plan that best fits your needs. You will be redirected to the checkout page to perform your purchase.

How can I do a historical analysis?

Historical data is available for purchase inside the platform. Once inside your Account, create your first Databox. While creating your Databox, choose the option for "Add historical data" and choose any historical dates that you desire. You can also add historical mentions, using the "Edit Query" button inside your Databox.

I need help, this is too complicated!

We have an all inclusive option, where our team takes care of your needs and gives you just the results you are looking for. This is an excellent option for companies that don't have the skill, or the man-power to handle a data platform. To hire this option, click on the button above in the "Consulting" section.

I need more mentions than what my plan includes.

If you need more mentions that what is included in any given plan, you can always buy more inside the platform. Once logged in, go to the "Products" tab, and then click on "Mentions Credit" to purchase as many mentions as you need.

What are algorithm credits?

Algorithm credits are credits you can use to process your mentions with machine learning algorithms. This allows you to add more depth to your data in an automated fashion. Consider how much time it would take a person to classify thousands of mentions into sentiment categories, translate 50,000 articles, detect company logos in thousands of images, or transcribe hours after hours of speech to text.