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Databoxes are the core of our system. A Databox is a place where you can store, edit, and process your information. The data that's stored is gathered by creating a query to one of our proprietary datasets. Once you get your results, you can then generate notifications for new content, or create stunning reports by connecting your Databox to third party platforms such as Google Data Studio or Tableau.

How does Minerva work

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Cool facts about our listening platform

We started Minerva after realizing the importance of high quality data for Latin-American countries where data was not currently available. We took the time to create human verified datasets that could provide people and organizations, high value contextual data for their country at a low cost. Today people are using Minerva to find the stories that matter to them, make informed business decisions, research trends, and stay on top of the conversation in 7 different countries and expanding.






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